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Bow Banner

Bow Banner


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Approx. dispatch time 3 weeks (unless ordered with another solution with a longer dispatch time).

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Ideal to attract attention from far making Bow Banners perfect for sporting events, school carnivals or for displaying company logos. Bow Banners can be used for indoor or outdoor display. Work with our art team to create a design that matches your vision.

Available in a range of sizes our teardrop banners come with poles and carry bag for easy transportation.

Choose your base, all base options are designed to be free rotating, allowing the banner to move. Offering the highest level of visibility and readability for your message, no matter the weather.

Single Sided

  • Single-sided teardrops banners are printed on one side only
  • The ink shows through on the other side as a mirrored (reversed) image with approximately 85-95% bleed through

Double Sided

  • Draw attention from both sides
  • Repeat your design or have two different designs
  • Double sided banners are printed on separate pieces of material with a block out layer in between and sewn together (designs are correctly shown, no mirroring or reversed text)

Base Types

  • Ground Peg Base: Ideal for placement on soft ground, such as grass, soil, sand etc. (approx weight: 4kg)
  • Cross Feet base and Water Bag: This is a great choice for placement on hard ground surfaces, water bag will provide extra weight to help keep your banner firmly in place (approx weight: 10kg)
  • Car Wheel Base: Used to slide under car tyre (approx weight: 5kg)

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